Continued Education

What are some good ways to continue learning after finishing school?

I finished college and am trying to pursue some hobbies and interests. I just started with Skillshare. What other sources should I check out?

  • Another place to check out is MasterClass.

  • MA/MS/MBA or the like. There always are plenty of classes to take, online or in person, degree-seeking or not. 

    Alternatively, find the best credential that fits your career goals and pursue it.. Seek out the financial aid/support needed (avoid crippling debt). 

    Continuing ed is one of the best career moves & personal growth endeavors one can make.

  • I really like looking for courses on They have a nice variety.

  • Volunteering with local non-profit offers some good practical opportunity too.

  • If you have professional intents, look after accredited certifications. Much better than online courses that might give you skills, but won't help you moving further.

  • You can just buy some books on programming if you want to learn it. I've got some on java and python. 

  • I find that joining different Forums Online is a good way to stay up to date with new technology in my field, and in hobbies.  REDDIT has many of these.  Getting higher degrees at night school, or on-line is another way to improve your professional skills.  If you can find an actual group of people to meet with and discuss your interests, that is also a great way; This used to be called being in a "club", but is now mostly online in forums.. 

  • Certification or advance degrees would be a logical next step, provide pursuing them advances your career goals, provides personal growth, & keeps you from unreasonable debt.

  • I've done a lot of the Great Courses via audiobook. They have pretty much something for everyone!