Continued Education

What are some good ways to continue learning after finishing school?

I finished college and am trying to pursue some hobbies and interests. I just started with Skillshare. What other sources should I check out?

  • MIT has recorded courses available online

  • I think for me "Computer Programming Specialist certification" and "Project Management Certification" would help advance my career. I'll have to evaluate where my priorities lie.

  • I already have unreasonable debt, but I'll have to check out some degrees/certifications.

  • I would just need practice projects. I already know Java, Python, C++, and a few others.

  • Gotta go with reading. Read anything, read all the time, never stop. I've found all of my main interests in life from reading, or if I've found something outside of reading i become more knowledgeable and even more interested by reading about that interest. Reading is truly the gift of a lifetime. 

  • For just learning new things and hobbies as you state, going to get higher degrees won't help.  I did see this site and it might give you some alternates to Skillshare?

  • Just had another thought; travel, it's one of the greatest learning experiences of my life. Go to where the history comes from, learn, explore and work if you can all while traveling. The fact of being someplace exponentially increases your learning about that area.

  • Check with the college you graduate from to see if they offer continuing education

  • Some employers help with tuition &/or certification costs if these help on the job or prepare you for a new position with the company. Might  yours?