Do you like remote/online learning?

For most of the world, online/remote learning has become the new standard for schooling.

What are your thoughts on online learning?

Do you like the convenience of learning from home, or do you miss the in-person classroom experience?

  • It depends on the class and the classmates. I've run into a lot of classes where the classmates feel shy on camera so it makes for a very dull class. In that sense, I miss in person experience. I do miss the lab setting as I feel it helped me be more productive, doing research in isolation is mentally tiresome. Also, instead of being able to consult with colleagues sitting at a desk across from you, now I have to write and email and wait for a response which can take days. 

  • Great thoughts - it seems like for the most part, you miss in-person learning... are there any advantages to remote learning that you appreciate?

    Or are you ready to get back to the classroom at this point?

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  • I'm super ready! I do appreciate being able to attend class, no matter where I am which has allowed me to travel and attend other work, family, and academic issues. As a professor I like that cause it also allows me to give my students all the material digitally which saves trees but it's a lot more work to make sure I come up with entertaining an engaging ways to present the material as most of the experiments and experiences that I had for my students do not adapt to online teaching.

    As a student, I honestly do miss the human interaction. It almost feels like an invasion of privacy as my home was a space to relax but now it's more work and study than anything else.