Notes management/optimization

As a new college student, how are you organizing notes between different classes/lectures efficiently? I have been using notion so far and its been working quite nice especially for code related indentations :D

  • I suggest whatever works for you. Sounds trite but really is the best way to go. I am old school so I just keep a separate notebook and file for each subject. 

  • Different folders for organization and Notepads for notes.

  • I would suggest whatever works for you.  I still like using an old-fashioned notebook but I think what you are doing is great!

  • I have always found that trying to fully understand what is said during class was more important than than notes that I took.  But everyone learns differently.  Make a folder for each Class/Topic.  Save notes after each class so you have a date mark for that class.  

  • I've been using a combination of Notepad++ .txt files (mainly for code-related stuff), Google Docs, and self-sent messages in my personal Discord server.

  • as student I coume memorize everything turned out bad note talking and organization is must  class by class

  • You bring up a good point. I remember organization of personal notes, papers, projects, & records being something many students needed (and many afraid to ask for fear of looking bad in front of peers & profs). There are various approaches, some more helpful than others, depending on your discipline. 

    Maybe check with the college's for new students or career development or similar. They may have better info on your situation than I can provide. 

  • A notebook dedicated for each course is a good way to start.

  • each class/lecture has it's own notebook.

  • Is anyone using apps or just Microsoft word? If so, please LMK which apps.