Styluses for Lenovo Yoga

What styluses have you used for laptops / tablets like the Yoga, and which ones would you recommend? 

  • My Yoga 9i came with a stylus, so I didn't need to look for one separately.

  • I like the Lenovo stylus that comes with it!

  • The default Lenovo one does the job well. Not sure about other 3rd party ones. Maybe Logitech has one?

  • I assume the Lenovo one is the best for their laptop

  • The Lenovo stylus is best for its own brand, very high quality!

  • If you have a Lenovo product it is probably best to order and use the ones Lenovo has for better compatibility.

  • I like the Lenovo stylus that came with my P12 tablet.  I previously have the old Note8 (not the phone) and the Samsung stylus was great too...but it only wrote, no additional features.  I have the Wacom digitizer tablet and the stylus that came with that is also good, but limited to that Wacom tablet.

  • Yeah that's what I'm assuming, but was just curious if anyone had experience with styluses from other brands that may have more features that would work well. Appreciate ya.

  • I've bought so many off Amazon that just didn't work. Nothing like the original .  

  • I would suggest using the one that comes with the Yoga.