Do you preserve your class notes for the future?

Do you store a copy of all class notes, slides, assignments, quizzes, tests, essays, etc. somewhere digitally, just in case you would want to come back and refresh your knowledge of whatever you did in class a few years down the line?

If no, then why not?

If you do, how meticulous are you about it? Do you store only digital things or do you also digitize physical notes and assignments? How do you store it: what medium do you store it on and how do you organize things?

  • Having a copy of all your notes, slides, assignments, and tests can be extremely beneficial for future reference. However, relying on memory alone is not enough, as memories fade over time. I store a copy of all my materials digitally with services such as Dropbox or Google Drive, which are free. Using these cloud storage services, I store all your materials in one place and access them from anywhere with an internet connection. This will ensure that I have a digital copy of my class materials and that it will be safe from physical damage or loss. With this, I have the ability to review my class materials years down the line and refresh my knowledge of whatever I did in class. It's a great way to ensure that you stay ahead of the game!

  • There's no point. Leave the past behind, and understand that there are better and more current resources out there than what you did x years ago.

  • I did for undergrad and after 12 years, I never opened them. So I would probably say, it's not worth your time. 

  • Keep them until you finish college or whatever you're working on, but you won't need them anymore most likely once you move on to the next stage and there are always new things to learn and keep track of.

  • I keep everything because it's easier to retrieve the knowledge once I have forgotten 

  • I kept my class notes for years after college and I never ever looked at them again. So, my recommendation is that they're not necessary to keep

  • No, I don't.  I found that I never go back to those notes.  (Maybe I take poor notes!  LOL)  Usually go to text book, or internet to refresh memory when needed.

  • Same here. I'm glad I kept my notes for some classes as I needed to come back to them when preparing for interviews and when participating in some professional discussions. I'm also proud of projects, research reports and essays I have done -- I don't understand how people here are suggesting not to keep them. Makes me wonder if everyone else in here just fudged their college coursework and that's the reason why they don't care about keeping a record of it.

  • Keeping class notes can definitely be useful, but only if you find that you use them.  Have found that storing the documents in an organized manner is a must, so that you know where to look.  If it is too hard to find what you are looking for, then you won't ever use them.