Windows 12 are you ready maybe Fall 2025?

With many of us getting used to Windows 11 are you ready for another windows? 

  • I have heard the rumblings of Windows 12, it would be interesting to see what Windows 12 might have to offer.

  • Bring on the AI apocalypse, sure.

  • As long as it does not have Recall (Microsoft spyware that stores everything you do in an unencrypted SQLite database on the computer), and  does not force AI on those who don't want it, I'm game. Otherwise, I'm switching to Linux.

  • No, too early for another upgrade, Windows 11 is fine.

  • Should learn how to use Linux as well as another language! 

  • I am just getting used to Windows 11, but I do welcome the idea of more AI.

  • Have to agree with those saying it's too early for a new Win. Even Win11 wasn't much of a jump. Bit faster, bit better.... Had to buy a new laptop.... Meh.