VR and AR: Bringing Fantasy to Reality (Kinda)

  • Strap on your virtual thinking cap and join the debate on whether VR headsets are the new must-have fashion accessory or just a really intense way to avoid household chores.

  • Discover how augmented reality is changing everything from trying on virtual shoes to reimagining education—because who doesn't want to dissect frogs without the smell?
  • VR and AR are not competing concepts but rather complement each other.  Frog dissection can be implemented in each.  The benefit of VR is immersion as it excludes the outside world and is perfect when you want to be in a game/simulation or anything else with a 360 view.  There are also times when you will want to be aware of your surroundings while having the benefits of the augmentation.  Most devices of the future with have the capable for both, just like the current Meta Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro. The best with have ways to seamlessly transition between AR and VR. 

  • I have yet to experience AR.   Seems learning would be a breakthrough area for it to shine.   Think about working on a car with AR there to assist the whole time.

  • Would prefer higher resolution monitors/tv displays over the AR/VR hardware. 

    Not many can wear the sets for more than an hour, and has a limited battery life.If given the choice, would prefer AR applications (Apple vision pro like)

  • I don't see how these headsets improve quality of life yet. Too bulky and not enough added functionality that your smartphone can't already provide.

  • Must-have? No.

    Nice gimmick? Yes.

    Not only that, but you can't even claim these are new things. They have been easily available since 2014, which was 10 years ago! 

  • The only real feature benefit of VR/AR over any other screen for now is the fact that the point of view changes with your head (obviously), so something like a virtual dissection or inspection of something where one's hands would be full, or training for a vehicle or place or something, would be substantively different and better with a motion tracking headset. Everything else so far is a gimmick (except games, and it would be nice to watch movies in private in bed or something). 

  • For people who are already wearing glasses, why not make it AR/VR capable, kills 2 birds in 1 stone!

  • With a Quest 2 starting at only $200 now, I think it's well worth getting into VR even if it is an older model. You can barely go out to a nice dinner and a movie for that price and Ultimate Editions of some games are even starting to approach that now. I wouldn't be surprised if we see that price point drop down even lower as the holiday season starts approaching.

  • It will be a fashion, and it will come in different varieties. It will become so normal that you won't even notice who is wearing it.

  • No, neither is a must-have. But they are both interesting and can be helpful. I could see VR being used for job training.