Technology Management for Children: Indoors vs Outdoors?

How do you balance the benefits of technology with the potential risks to ensure your children have a positive and educational experience online?

How much time do you allow them to use phones/tablets vs outdoors? Do you use VR in your household for the outdoors experience? How's it impacting your kids?

  • Scheduled usage of 30-60mins, work vs reward concepts to encourage/focus on building balance usage,  only use VR indoors.

  • Is like two question, but you only talk about one. The problem with Technology you talk doesn't affect just children. If you plan to let your children outside you must also drop your technology to watch the children. Their are more positive affects on technology then negative, Technology helps people be better, do more, and best of all learn. 

  • We really try to limit technology to when we need our kids to be distracted while we cook dinner. But ours are also 2, 4, and 6 so it's more for safety. 

  • I am not huge on certain times, but I do make my children play outside each day. It doesn't have to be an exact time, but they do enjoy some time every day.

  • I never liked "schedules" growing up and I don't think I would opt for them. I would worry about social isolation and exercise and all the rest of that though, even just getting fresh air and developing in a grounded way. 

    A little bit of an aside -- one thing I like to do myself is kick back in a hammock outside with a tablet and a book or something. I wonder if it would be better to focus on health and getting priorities straight, being well rounded rather than treating tech as something inherently separate to health and balance. If we treat "screen time" like candy, something naughty to be limited instead of useful with mindful attention, then we're potentially setting ourselves up for failure of willpower and ignoring those important aspects and lessons we all need to be healthy and productive.

  • VR is not an outdoor experience, much the opposite. People have to use technology, but also interact with the real world outdoor! 

  • I only give screen time after all homework and chores are done if not no screen until these requirements are met.

  • My son is probably tethered too much to technology. As a divorced dad, there is not much that I can do about it. I have tried to get him interested in outdoor activities, but spend such little time with him that it does not make much of a difference.

  • No VR use as of the present time. Keep close watch on what children are watching online, mealtimes should be technology free and limit their time on the internet, prioritize educational material over entertainment and schedule outdoor exercise time.

  • I think it has to do with moderation and a combination of both. Making sure they get some outdoor time as much as possible and when possible as well allowing some time for them to game, play VR or relax.