Best programming languages to learn

I'm newish to programming. I know web development, some VB, but want to learn how to make applications, especially games. I've also started getting into robotics and AI. What's the best languages for me to learn, especially for a career in technology? 

  • Before jumping into a programming language, I would suggest a programming logic course. Harvard CS101 is free online, so that's a good start. 

    Meanwhile, download Game Maker and start experimenting with it. It's not the best game engine, but will allow you to start developing things fast. 

    Then you should download Unity Game Engine and really start getting serious with it, because most companies use it. 

    At the end of the day, the language itself will depend on the company. I know Java and C++ are commonly used for gaming, but there are too many options. 

    And if you want to develop mobile games, then you will have Android and iOS languages to learn. 

    Wish you good luck and good studies!

  • Python is a good starter language to learn the basics of programming. There's plenty of great free courses out there from places like Coursera. As far as gaming, I think you have to narrow down what types of games you want to create and target the language or game engine that's often used for those types of games. Unity and Unreal are two popular engines that you can download for free.

  • LOL, I have heard the names of many of these programming languages, but admit I know nothing about them.   I do remember deciding to switch to an Engineering Major before starting College, because I could get credit for FORTRAN, as a language course !!!  Programming is mostly using logic and sets of tools to line by line tell a computer exactly what steps to take, and when to take them .  A small program is easy to write; but complex games and other apps can take quite an effort.  You'll find that "blocks" of programming can be copied and re-used many times.  Only problem is that if that block contains an error, you may add that error in 1000 places in your game.   Some folks mostly use blocks of programming written by others, so the risk of duplicating errors can be high when using unvetted code.   Wish you the best in your programming and game writing travels !!!

  • I would take a class in algorithms and data structures, but after that, learn C++ and C#, especially if you want to create games.

  • Do Javascript and Python - these two are easier to learn and have all basic programming concepts very clearly represented. So even if you read "clever" books about programming using "pseudocode," it is easy to convert it to either Javascript or Python and have it work in any playground online (site dedicated to testing your code).

  • python easy to learn. C++ difficult but really helpful in managing memory.