Which learning format preferred?

With the summertime halfway over, some are still continuing their education remotely or in the summer semester. Do you prefer in person classes or 'zoom' like sessions for school? Do you prefer pen and paper format or pdf/digital format for coursework? Or more of a visual learning with videos or a lecture format?

  • I would prefer a combination of in person and zoom like hybrid.

    Pdf and digital format with lectures

  • I prefer pen and paper - I'm old school.

  • I prefer in person classes sessions for school.


  • I prefer Zoom Sessions combined with Self Study.

  • Online, I've never enjoyed dragging myself to class through traffic and whatnot.

  • It depends on what I am learning. For actual studying involving reading, I much prefer paper format. I find it much easier to retain the information. Probably because it does not bother my eyes like trying to read on a screen for an extended period does.

    If it is learning how to fix something, things involving movement, learning things like painting... I find video most helpful,

    As to whether in person or distance learning. Since I currently do not have a working car and there is no public transportation available where I live, I would much prefer distance learning. (It would be the only option that would work for me.)

  • If I live close by, in person classes. If I live far or don't have much time, zoom. In terms of coursework, I like pdf/digital. And it needs to have a mix of lecture and videos. 

  • For Summer session remote learning is preferred because it's the season to travel outside

  • I always prefer in person classes if possible and pdf/digital format for coursework. 

  • There is something about writing notes on paper that helps me absorb the information more that typing it on a computer.