The tech world

What is knew in the tech world?

  • the google pixel fold...

  • Ai is the biggest invention right now. Everyone is living on ChatGPT and schools are trying to find ways to catch ai written papers. There's people writing books, creating art, and writing songs with artificial intelligence helping.

  • AI is the hottest thing in the tech world right now

  • It’s so crazy how fast technology is space is growing. It seems likeThere is something new every day!! Like many others said AI seems to be the hottest! 

  • There is a new, faster flash memory card format that rivals SSD Speeds.   Some promising new battery tech with higher energy density.  More folding and rollup screens that can allow smaller, more portable devices with great screen size...

  • Some new promising SSD technology , will change the performance of your machine drastically

  • The volume of new technology and the speed of which it comes at us makes it very difficult to keep up with.

  • AI is the next big thing

  • New* Also AI is probably the hottest thing atm.