Recommend me graphing calculator apps

Recommend me graphing calculator apps

  • I just completed my algebra pre-requisites; I found the online calculator my instructors both suggested was awesome! It is called Desmos graphing here's the link- hope it helps! 

  • I would say use mathway or wolfram.

  • It's amazing TI can still sell graphing calculators with all the free online apps available like  meta-calculator

  • Wolfram Alpha was always my go-to.

  • I'd like to put in a second for Desmos. It is really a fantastic web app!

  • It's remarkable that TI can continue to market graphing calculators despite the wide availability of free online apps such as Mathway.

  • If you own HP graphic calculator, I believe they have an app. Otherwise, refer to Wolfram Alpha.

  • "calculator infinity"  OR  Desmos

  • has a free app .

  • Snake, unless you meant apps to solve problems, not play games.