What is the most annoying thing about chromebooks?

I don’t like that a lot of things aren’t compatible with chromeOS.

  • What most annoys me is that I have a feeling that I don't have control over the thing when I'm using it.  It's all "prepackaged" and realy just a browser for the most part, and Android apps support is not very good.

  • Limited offline usage and heavy dependency on internet connection

  • I purchased a refurbished Chromebook several years ago to use when traveling because my other laptop is old and heavy and not practical for traveling.  I mostly used it for checking emails and browsing the Internet because I have a hard time doing those on my phone due to poor vision.  I like it for what I used it for, however, I was unaware when I purchased it that Chromebooks have an "expiration date".  After a certain number of years, it is no longer supported for updates, etc.  Had I known that, I probably wouldn't have purchased one, but it was fairly cheap, so I didn't get too upset about it.  I just think it sucks that after x number of years you really can't use it anymore and have to buy a new one if you want to use a Chromebook.

  • Chromebooks have come a long way since the early days - a Linux VM/container environment, Android apps, more capable web apps - but it would be nice if you could play AAA games other than something like Geforce NOW.

  • The main problem about chromebooks are chromebooks themselves. Limited usage and functionality, and useless without internet.

  • Google's manipulation of your searching, resulting in disinformation.

  • AUE date. So environmentally damaging. So much perfectly good hardware that is obsoleted by Google for no real good reason. If a Windows or Mac can go longer than 8 years with similar chipsets (at least for old Macs) so could a Chromebook.

  • I can't stand that fact that Chrome is a GIANT memory hog.

  • I hated having to be tied to WIFI for the one I had. And I wasn't about to pay for a cellular data plan for it. 

  • After your end of life date you can longer get auto updates from google.