Is this the golden time for handheld consoles?

With the addition of the Legion Go, the competition for handheld gaming is the best it's ever been, with the release of 3 main ones in the past 2 years (Steam deck, Asus Ally, and Legion Go coming soon). I think the ideal point is a hybrid between a game console and a portable PC, something more than a switch and less of a GDP Win. It would be best to support cloud gaming but also have physical storage option as well. 

What are some of your thoughts and comments?

  • It seen like it is, but I get more exited to see what will be next.

  • Booming but probably not gonna grow as big as other gaming systems

  • I'm very excited about it! Handhelds are my favorites and these are awesome consoles! Reminds me of the Nintendo DS Lite and PSP era! 

  • Maybe.  I kind of expect smartphones to have the same features pretty soon; so may be a specialized market for onlly a feew years?

  • There has been an explosion of handheld gaming consoles lately. I still wonder about the demand for on-the-go gaming, though, since the battery life doesn't seem to be that good.

  • I think they're pretty cool.  Maybe especially good for kids???

  • I think these devices have a myriad of uses in addition to their gaming origins. They are wonderful.

  • Not for handheld console yet. Handheld gaming PCs I think are moving into their era at the moment but they're not quite there yet either. Until don't or Microsoft take handheld gaming now seriously, I don't think we'll see a golden age for handheld consoles

  • I already have a Steam Deck, but I'm definitely looking forward to the Lenovo Legion Go. I really hope it can run PCVR games though. That would be pretty awesome!

  • I honestly love handhelds for the purpose of being able to enjoy entertaining content no matter where you may be. However, I am so much of a big fan for plug-ins and able to stay charged to play something as well as a larger screen that is viewable through a large, wide monitor or television. I am a bit of a 50/50 when it comes to what type of console and device I like. However, a larger screen always seems to win for me, plus no timeout or worries that the battery will be limited by any means.