Is this the golden time for handheld consoles?

With the addition of the Legion Go, the competition for handheld gaming is the best it's ever been, with the release of 3 main ones in the past 2 years (Steam deck, Asus Ally, and Legion Go coming soon). I think the ideal point is a hybrid between a game console and a portable PC, something more than a switch and less of a GDP Win. It would be best to support cloud gaming but also have physical storage option as well. 

What are some of your thoughts and comments?

  • I think so. While almost all games are on your phone with mobile gaming there is a certain nostalgia or should I say 'missed nostalgia' that I think this generation of kids looks back at and thinks it's sort of retro that millennials and even gen z had some handheld games and I think it's sort of cool to do. I don't think it will ever replace mobile gaming but It's sort of a novelty and cool to bring out your gaming system especially if Gameboy makes a come back if it hasn't already in a modern digital format. PSP was a big hit for it's time as it served as a bridge between console and when phones couldn't yet support as much gaming as they do today.

  • I really love handheld gaming it takes me back to my game boy .

  • I think it's a very exciting time for game handheld consoles.  A great alternative to larger gaming desktop or even the larger gaming laptop and have that even better portability.

  • I've loved handhelds since Gameboy original >< Now more than ever for my kids an long ride to Grandma's and Grandpa's!

    It's amazing how far they've come and exciting to see how far they'll go!

  • Man I struggle with this to be honest. As an avid console gamer, who also loves my Nintendo Switch and gaming phone, I don't know how well console games can translate to a handheld experience. I fully acknowledge that I say this as someone who has not owned or used any of those 3 handhelds, but I personally just don't think it's for me. I just wonder how well it will translate in the long term. 

  • I think handheld gaming is a great intro to gaming. Less expensive and portable.

  • Not in my opinion.  sounds like we're going backwards

  • I'd say the golden time/era for consoles was when the Xbox one, Wii, and ps4 were around. Countless memories and fun were created during that time, which new consoles can't necessarily replicate. 

  • in my honest opinion - NO.  handheld consoles are a thing of the past

  • I think these will have a large audience.  A lot of people like the idea of the Switch, but it is very low end components.  So something similar with newest tech will be really exciting.