Should I install Proxmox Virtual Environment 8 on a Legion Pro 5i Gen 8?

I'm looking for help and advice.  Click images to see larger version.

Morgonaut — Triple Boot HackintoshI have a little experience operating Proxmox VE on servers — which belong to clients.  But, they are running older versions.  Mostly, I just interact with the Linux guest VMs (Virtual Machines) hosted on Proxmox.

In the past, I have seen YouTube videos touting, "I run Linux, macOS, and Windows — on one machine, simultaneously — with Proxmox!"  Typically, however, the YouTuber is running Proxmox on a desktop PC — with a workstation CPU (Threadripper or Xeon W) — and at least 2 graphics cards.  At least one of the graphics cards is an AMD Radeon — for PCI-passthrough to the macOS guest VM.

My goal is to build a portable virtual environment.  To work with, I only have 2 graphics devices — Intel 13th-gen integrated-graphics and NVIDIA RTX 4060 discreet-graphics.  Except on standby, the system guzzles battery.  I don't expect to run this without the power supply (available).  Power concerns aside, I suspect I can run (at most) 2 VMs to 2 displays — including (or in addition to) the built-in display.  As I don't want to rely on another device to manage Proxmox, I am aware I will need to install a (light) desktop environment.

My major concern are the IOMMU groups for PCI-passthrough.  The RTX 4060 is definitely in a discreet group — to pass through to Windows or Linux.  But, macOS will only work with Intel or AMD graphics (or very old NVIDIA cards).  In the past, I have run Mojave on a guest VM in VirtualBox — on a Lenovo 2-in-1 (Intel 8th-gen Core i7 + NVIDIA MX230).  I did not find a way to pass through the Intel integrated-graphics.  Nor did I find a way to output sound.

I hope I have better luck with KVM and qemu.

Another concern is BIOS updates.  I haven't had to download a BIOS-update and run it from boot-media in over a decade.  Nor have I checked if that is still possible.  I see that I can download a BIOS update (.exe) from Lenovo Support.  But, can I run the update without Windows?  Although I plan to have a Windows VM, I don't plan to use the OEM (bare metal) Windows system.

Legion Pro 5i under light loadI have already backed up the initial state of the SSD.  So far, I have been using the Legion Pro 5i Gen 8 — solely with Linux Live-USB.  Here are the Geekbench 6 results (links launch new tab or window):

I don't know if this can be done.  A few years ago, I was excited to try.  But, much has changed.

Once more... I am looking for help and advice.  Thanks in advance!

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  • First really technical thread I've seen on here. Interesting to see how many replies it gets.

  • Yes hoping someone knowledgeable can reply on this because I too have had problems passing the integrated Intel graphics

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  • Yeah.  I found a discussion under r/VFIO, from 3 years ago.  The user is asking for help passing through Intel HD (iGPU) to a macOS guest OS.  Unfortunately, reddit — didn't geddit.  They named GVT-g and iGPU, as the 2 competing methods.  But, they failed to explain either.

    Here is a "how-to" article from Virtualization & Cloud Review you can use to extrapolate — intended for ESXi/VMware (link opens new tab or window):

    Passthrough an iGPU to a Virtual Machine

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  • Sorry, both too technical for me, and not sure you have fully described your current system for more tech savy folks to answer.  What CPU do you have, How Much RAM?  What BIOS Version are you runnng, etc...  I am 100% sure some smart member will be able to help you out.  

  • You have no idea how long I have been waiting for someone to say that. 

  • I'm looking for advice too.  Thanks for asking.