What Questions Do You Have About College eSports?

Jeff Palumbo helps coordinate college eSports events for Lenovo with schools like UNC.

What questions about college eSports do you have for Jeff?
Are you curious about:

  • What daily life/practice is like as a college eSports athlete?
  • Can eSports athletes really make a full-time career out of professional gaming?
  • Are schools offering scholarships for eSports now?
  • What games are the most competitive/promising for aspiring student athletes?

Let us know in the comments below!

  • How do I get started in an college eSports team? Thank you.

  • So do people just join esports or are there actual scouts?

  • Don't have a question, but it's super cool how esports are being taken more seriously every year!

  • I'd like to see some sort of 'Life in the Day of ....' stories about recruitment / membership into this growing phenomenon.

  • Is this truly sustainable as an operation on a campus?  Does this help a young student learn to operate in teams and society?

  • What is a budget one would need to get started with an Esport team?

  • What does it take to earn your first sponsor?

  • What injuries are most common as an eSports athlete? Carpal tunnel? I'd be interesting in learning about the types of games students should focus on.