Code Editors 2023

Hey everyone! I've been using Visual Studio Code for a while now, and I really enjoy the extensions and features that it has. What are your favorite code editors to use with so many of them being currently available?

  • Sublime for simple edits

  • I also use Visual Studio Code, but sometimes I just use Notepad++ for quick stuff and Spyder for some simple Python stuff.

  • I like to test myself on Notepad! 

  • I use Visual Studio for C++, and for Python I use Pycharm or I use VS code if I'm making Jupyter Notebooks with python.

  • VIM editor is the best 

  • I have been using Visual Studio Code for a while. I think it is a solid editor, but I was also wondering if there are any alternatives that are competitive or better?

  • Eclipse or IntelliJ work very well for Java.

  • Visual Studio. Very good for debugging.

  • Using Notepad++ but have heard a lot of good things about Visual Studio Code.