What the best app to invest my money or my crypto?

i am searching about a trust and fast way to invest my money via my phone in the invest's apps .. so any help?

  • You still want to invest in Crypto, even after what happened at FTX?

  • Kraken is pretty good; it's backed/approved by scambaiter Kitboga who works with their team to trap scammers and I don't believe he'd work with them if their infrastructure was bad. Unsure what you're specifically looking for, but I switched to that from Robinhood as soon as I learned about it.

  • I was going to suggest Kraken as well. I haven't done much research myself, but I think their fees are better than most.

  • Coinbase appears to the most reliable but even that can be shaky at times. Be careful.

  • I am not hugely into crypto personally but you could take a look at coinbase and also strike and cash app both allow you to invest in crypto as well

  • Good question. I must watch and find out too

  • Kraken and Bloom is helpful as well!

  • If you live in the USA, make regular contributions to a stock market index fund and don't withdraw anything for 40 years.

  • If you're looking for a simple and trust-worthy app, Cash App allows you to buy stocks or bitcoin.