What the best app to invest my money or my crypto?

i am searching about a trust and fast way to invest my money via my phone in the invest's apps .. so any help?

  • Coinbase seems like the best overall platform. Theres app support, easy mfa security, and a nice overview layout. But with all investments be careful of the risks.

  • Whichever one has the most options

  • Invest wisely and at your own risk. The apps that I think are good are Coinbase, Robinhood, and Webull!

  • For stocks I would say Robinhood or eToro, and for crypto Coinbase or Binance.

  • When and how much to invest where really depends on your individual situation.  When you have enough savings for emergency (loss of job, etc), then the safest place is to invest in mutual funds as some pace like Fidelity, Vanguard, etc...  Investing in any single stock/company is a higher risk.  Investing in Crypto may seem like the highest reward, but as there is nothing actually backing the value, except people buying it for investment.  Crypto may go to Zero overnight; It has near the highest risk of loss of any investment.  It really is like a "Ponzi Scheme"...  Built on a poor foundation and may crumble at any time.  just my 2 cents...

  • Don't invest in crypto through CashApp. Get an account on a real exchange.

  • Stocks definitely Robinhood. Crypto is not my jam.

  • Sometimes they offer a few dollars worth of free crypto for a short lesson. Though that seems to have alowed down. 

  • I use Robinhood for Stocks and Crypto! I've used Stash, WeBull, and Coinbase, and I stick with Robinhood since it's seems easiest to keep track of things with their UI and to start off. Up to preference, really; good luck!