Help! My Computer is Broken - Free PDF tech support book

A pretty good tech support guide for fixing common computer problems. The hard-copy is for sale, but they offer the PDF version as a free download since it from Raspberry Pi Press.

Help! My Computer is Broken


Want to know how to fix common computer problems, without having to wade through technical jargon? Or are you the family on-call technical support person, and need a bit of help?

Help! My Computer Is Broken takes the most common computer problems and tells you how to fix them. It’s as simple as that! If you’ve ever wondered why your laptop won’t turn on, you can’t get a WiFi connection, your printer isn’t printing, or why everything is so slow – well, this is your book…

148 pages of essential information, to help you solve common issues such as:

  • Why can’t my computer see my printer?
  • Why is there no sound coming from my computer’s external
  • Why are games running really slowly on my computer?
  • My computer keeps crashing – how do I start in safe mode?
  • How do I stop my computer going to sleep when I leave the room for ten minutes?
  • And many more!
  • Update: That link is old. It redirects to WhyNowGaming. Nothing helpful or relevant there. I searched the name and PDF. Got this link. I plan to hold onto it by emailing it to my phone. If it is only on my computer, I won't have it or remember the name or how to find it when I need it.!-My_Computer_is_Broken_DIGITAL_2.pdf

  • Probably should have pointed out that the link will automatically download the PDF. My antivirus says it's fine. Just the book.

  • Thanks for posting an updated link! They shut down Wireframe magazine about a year or so ago.

  • Not too bad - lot's of info - ofc printing a copy before your computer breaks may be a good idea

  • It seems like an important, helpful book that people may need. Maybe edit the topic, add some tags to make it easier to find. Not even sure how I found it. Fun Fact: When I searched the web for the book, this page was the 4th result.

  • Sounds interesting!! 

    I would like to thank Richie S for the main post and chris h for finding the updated link for the book!

  • Thanks for posting the updated link! 

  • Before your printer breaks too

  • Kinda crazy I posted this almost 2 years ago. Time is flying by... Looks like your bump is giving it some more attention.

    I also posted these books about a year ago that you might also find interesting: