Thoughts on better laptop iGPU's

With integrated gpu's on laptops getting much better, do you think this will allow more interesting applications. Or is the extra graphics horsepower unnecessary for most people.

  • I hope it leads to more interesting exhibits.

  • As a graphics designer and avid gamer, the extra GPU horsepower is always welcome for me.

  • I think having the dedicated graphics GPU's will always be best.

  • The extra graphics power is always welcome, needed or not. Allows for more uses for the laptop down the road.  Apple's M1 and M2 chips are an excellent example how this can work. Now we just need a windows chipmaker to follow suit. 

  • Extremely helpful when it comes down to working as a graphic designer. See it coming even more useful down the road for other uses also.

  • Most people use computers for casual stuff and perhaps work or gaming, so any extra horsepower in anything should always be welcome

  • For sure as even a lot of common web apps benefit from gpu processing. It's also good that some of them can run some 1080p gaming even for big titles, good bonus for casual occasional gaming use.

  • i think yes as hardware becomes more sophisticated and software will be too.

  • An powerful yet efficient iGPU would be a huge factor for better battery conservation