Electric vs Gas powered vehicles

What is your viewpoint on electric cars vs. gas powered vehicles? Do you feel that one is safer to drive over the other, and which is better in the long run for the environment? 

  • I feel that electric cars are good, but ways to recharge have to be more accessible for them to be adapted more.

  • In terms of safety, gas powered is a lot safer than electric vehicles. Batteries catch fire and explode a lot easier. In terms of sustainability, electric seems more sustainable, but I would like to see a full supply chain footprint analysis. There is no use for old batteries, which are very toxic. And producing batteries has heavy impacts. That said, fossil fuel is the industry with heaviest carbon emission in the World. So I want more data...

  • Gasoline suppliers stress the few incidents of fire with the battery operated vehicles. But for the most part these few incidents are contained and tend to occur in parked vehicles. Gas vehicles tend to explode spewing flames everywhere during operation. In turn, gas delivery trucks seem to explode on the highway weekly while I have yet to hear of an electric battery truck exploding and burning everything in its path. Of course if you have a liking for global destruction and the scent of burning flesh, I'm sure that there is a political party to your liking.

  • The choice between gas and electric propulsion for motor vehicles was ALREADY MADE! At the beginning of the 20th century. Gas won. Why did it win? Because of something called Energy Density. This is basically the amount of work you carry in your gas tank or battery. Gas has a ONE HUNDRED TO ONE advantage in Energy Density over modern batteries as of today. Yes, you read that right 100 to 1 advantage for gas. So anyone with a brain knows to use gas for motor vehicles. EV's were a terrible idea a hundred years ago and NOTHING HAS CHANGED in that regard. So why are people pushing the adoption of an inferior, less reliable, less safe technology? THERE'S A QUESTION FOR YOU ALL TO LOOK IN TO!!!! Hint: Money and Political Power. Do some research. What you find should terrify you.

  • I feel that neither is more safe than another, but electric will be better in the long run for the environment. There are some battery breakthroughs that will be necessary before EVs are truly clean vehicles. We need better recyclable batteries.

  • I worry about the accessibility for recharging electric cars and your electric bill, those 2 factors have pushed me away. 

  • Energy density is one variable in a multi factor problem. Electric cars have less components and can allocate more space toward energy storage and are far more energy efficient. Not to mention that gas is not the most energy dense fuel on the market. Hydrogen is more energy dense than gasoline by a factor of 3. Cars with alternative fuel are developing rapidly and will likely surpass gas in the future.

  • Electric is safer, cleaner, more efficient, quieter, less parts, easier maintenance, overall better in the long run for environment.

  • Electric is better long term for the environment, IF we can start generating all electricity from renewable sources.

  • Gas cars have better range and can be re-fueled faster.  Electric cars might have less maintenance as no engine.  But there are not enough charging stations for long distance driving if everyone went electric today.  Also, MOST electricity is made from Fossil Fuels, including coal in the USA. So an electric car is NOT carbon neutral.    Hybrids, or plug-in hybrids are a good choice if you drive a lot.