Electric vs Gas powered vehicles

What is your viewpoint on electric cars vs. gas powered vehicles? Do you feel that one is safer to drive over the other, and which is better in the long run for the environment? 

  • I believe electric would be safer and less expensive to drive.

  • Electric cars don't have the issue where if the gas tank is placed improperly that if you get rear-ended you explode, so that's a plus, although batteries catch fire and explode easier. Anyway, there's a lot of dangerous chemicals and harmful processes that go into creating and destroying batteries and other electric car-involved parts. And our power grid is not equipped to handle the power requirements of the whole country. The process of creating a windmill is environmentally harmful, so there's a lot to consider.

  • Lol I think gas might've won in the beginning of the 20th century because we didn't have the technology to produce electric cars. The refrigerator was new and exciting.

  • Electric cars will be a long time in development of safety, battery life, etc., before they become a viable competitor for gas.  Rushing it before its development is complete, like we are, is destroying our economy.

  • If gas powered vehicles are safer, it's only because they have more options and more years of research behind safety methods- electric cars can become just as safe with research and time. Of course electric cars are better in the long run for the environment! Oil companies keep killing the electric car so they can continue to make money while causing wars over oil. I think in the future we should focus on developing solar powered hybrid electric cars, like this: www.cnbc.com/.../worlds-first-affordable-solar-ev-sono-motors-sion-at-25000.html

  • I think that as time and data go on both will equal out within regards to safety. Although sometimes less moving parts can benefit electric cars in more safety features or depending on body style center of gravity improving handling. However as time goes on it's critical that our infrastructure catch up and outpace the production of electric cars if they are to eventually take over gas cars. I do not see gas vehicles disappearing until 2075 on the road. By that I mean Hybrids will exist until then as the standard and a pure gasoline vehicle will be a relic if not a collectible as all last produced gas cars will probably end 25 years or more prior at which point there will be very few on the road. Entry level hybrids are now affordable as gas only in many cases and Electric vehicles need to get there. They will only get there with enough infrastructure built out and price can be competitive. In the long run I think unless our electric Grid is also read
    y to keep up with demand then I think Hybrids will be best for the environment. If every car on the road was able to get 48-55 mpg and trucks into the 40s things would improve greatly and that may be possible with Hybrids as time goes on.

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    The concern of accessibility for stops to recharge the car and what my electric bill would look like are two factors I've also considered. What would happen if you were on a road trip and your battery ran out and you didn't have anywhere nearby to charge it?

  • I didn't know that electric cars were not carbon neutral! I'm going to look into that further. So they aren't actually better for the environment as claimed. . .

  • Okay, but we are in the 21st Century now. Technology has came a long way since 100 years ago. It's true electric powered may be a less reliable choice but I want to know how you consider them as being less safe technology?

  • Everything you just wrote is a lie. Hydrogen has a delivery problem. Battery tech is essentially frozen at it's current level. MASSIVE amounts of rare earth metals and other scare materials are used in the construction of EV's. The amount of earth damaging chemicals and processes involved in the construction of EV's is MUCH higher than in regular internal combustion-engined vehicles. Finally all of the cobalt used in EV construction is mined BY CHILD SLAVES in Africa. Do your homework man, you have been lied to by someone.