Best free online programming courses

What's the best free online programming course you've taken?

Definitely one of my favorites is An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python (Parts 1 & 2) from Rice University on

What I really liked about it is that it teaches you the basic elements of Python programming by creating interactive games.

Part 1 culminates in building a version of the classic arcade game "Pong" and part 2 culminates in building a version of the classic arcade game "Asteroids".

An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python

Part 1

Part 2

What are some of your favorite programming courses?

  • I haven't used it, but freecodingcamp would have 300 hours of courses in any language you would like to learn for free.

  • App Academy has a really good one for full-stack Ruby.

    And W3 is great for front-end.

  • MIT's Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs teaches the basic foundations of computer science:

  • Most universities have linkedin learning and you can access courses free.

  • Python and Machine Learning courses on Coursera are pretty good!

  • MIT has a great program. I enjoy programming in C++ and Java.

  • I heard a lot of people stating google themselves offers some amazing courses, some cost money if you don’t complete it within the free trial tho

  • Coursera and Udemy are pretty good.

  • A lot of great suggestions here!

    I've also been finding some really good courses and tutorials just on YouTube.

    Obviously, not as structured as an actual course from a dedicated learning platform, but seems really great for referencing a quick tutorial on a specific topic.

    I've even used it to watch a few videos on fixing appliances and general car repairs.