What to do with Old Laptops?

Hello everyone!

I was wondering what do you do with old laptops.

I have had quite a few uses for mine: router, server, extra screen, extra storage...

Was wondering if you have any cool stuff you have been doing with your older hardware.

Best regards!

  • Hmm that's a great question! Usually I try to recycle them or trade them in for a new one but using one as a second screen or hard drive is an interesting option. I might have to look into that lol. 

  • I still have mine around, but they don't work so well anymore. I'm not sure if I want to throw it out though.

  • sell them to apple or  tech store 

  • I refurbish and wipe the hard drive and donate to local Charter Schools in my area.

  • We crush the hard drives and then recycle everything

  • Recycle. Whenever I get a new laptop it's because the old one is too arthritic to do anything useful.

  • Wipe storage absolutely clean and sell whatever it's worth to someone who finds it useful, otherwise donate if there's any taker, lastly recycle.

  • try to sell it on ebay

  • I would sell it to get some money to go towards a replacement laptop Computer.

  • I keep old laptops along with their accessories in a storage area.