What to do with Old Laptops?

Hello everyone!

I was wondering what do you do with old laptops.

I have had quite a few uses for mine: router, server, extra screen, extra storage...

Was wondering if you have any cool stuff you have been doing with your older hardware.

Best regards!

  • You could use your old laptop as a second monitor and why not utilize its storage space. If not donate it or scrap it for parts.

  • I piece them out and sell them online.

  • Part it out to improve the specs on other computers.

  • most of the the brands you buy have anupcycle program you sell you laptop to the brand and then give you a few bucks for it.

  • Lenovo has a recycle program. 

  • We used to donate them to a 3rd party school affiliated program that would educate people on how to use a computer and on graduating from the program give them a computer to use. Since COVID though it has been much harder to do so most recently have been just having to recycle the ones that are no longer useful.

  • Also wondering this. I have personally given my old hardware to family/others, but at a certain point the hardware is just not desirable even if free. Maybe repurposing into servers is something I should check out.

  • If it's old enough you won't get anything for them, I would recycle after drilling a hole in the hard drive.

  • Wow good content! 

  • You could try installing Chrome OS Flex on old hardware.