Any creative ways of using ChatGPT?

Do you use ChatGPT, and if so, what for?

I hear a lot on the social media of students using it to cheat on essays and such, but none of my friends are using it and for my essays I must cite sources, which ChatGPT obviously won't do.

I have used mostly to rephrase some awkward worded sentences, but other than that I can't find much use for it. Perhaps I'm not creative enough?

  • We are approaching singularity lol

  • It's an interesting tool to ask questions without a proper answer and see what comes. 

  • I don't use it. There remain ethical issues regarding it's development & use. 

  • I almost used it to answer you here lol, it's fun and new.

  • I think it could be used to brainstorm and help writers block to help get things start but not a sole source because of obvious plagiarism and copyright issues.

  • I've never used it mostly because of no sources cited. Anyone can spout opinion as fact without sources. ChatGPT just does what the majority on social media does

  • I heard that ChatGPT actually passed the Bar exam lol

  • This is all over the News...  Need to try it out.   So, also looking for ideas from experienced users!

  • My professor said he used it to rewrite a paper when the reviewers said it seemed too choppy. He was kidding of course.

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