[Update 1] EDU Announcement

Hello everyone. I wanted to make a post really quick in case there were any concerns with the floods seen within the past few hours.

Please be assured that the issue is being handled to the best of our ability. Performance may be slow due to this along with some other safety measures we need to temporarily enable, so please be patient with us.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and are working hard to clean things up. Thank you for your understanding!

Update 1: To clear up some confusion, this isn't about weather-related flooding. Sadly at least one person decided to spam the website with a bunch of bad content and links and we're working on monitoring and cleanup. If you happen to see any posts that are violating, exercise caution and simply report them, do not interact any more than that. The issue is being investigated and worked on.

  • Sorry for your trouble!

  • GL with your situation. Don't worry about us. Take care of yourselves.

  • Floods? Like actual floods in your location or floods of ppl on the site? 

    mid it’s actual floods, take care and stay safe. The weather has been chaotic recently. 

    if it’s volumes of ppl, good luck Rofl

  • Hope everything turns out alright.
    Thanks for the update. And no need for apologies, stuff happen.

  • Thanks for the update and we understand!  Things will work out in the end I am sure :)

  • Appreciate this update and am sure the community empathizes and will be patient!

  • Glad it's taken care of, wish there's a way to help but it's too obvious and too much to report each

  • I could see real posts now! Thanks for the fixing it. Sorry you had to deal with all those spam posts.