How has AI helped in your classroom?

AI has had a tremendous impact on the classroom. AI-enabled technologies are helping to create a more engaging and personalized environment for students, enabling them to learn more effectively.

AI can help students better understand complex concepts and remember information for longer periods, as AI-enabled applications can provide tailored feedback and instruction. AI-driven tools can also help educators to save time in preparing and delivering lessons, as AI-driven systems can quickly process data and provide structured guidance for teachers. AI is also helping to improve student assessment and grading, as AI-enabled systems can quickly identify patterns in student work and adjust instruction accordingly. AI is also being used to monitor student behavior, allowing teachers to quickly identify issues and take appropriate action. AI is revolutionizing the way in which teachers are able to teach and learners are able to learn, making AI an invaluable asset for educators everywhere.

How has AI helped in your classroom?

  • I have not yet seen AI in the classroom.   Think it will be coming very soon.   In a few years AI will be everywhere.

  • Haven't really used it.

  • I haven't seen it in the classroom either but I'm sure it will be utilized in the classroom in a few years.

  • AI can be used to polish essays but some schools see that as cheating

  • There were a few software program that helped by learning where the student needed help and giving extra instructions

  • It has helped on discussions about ethical dilemmas and also providing interesting responses

  • Brainstorming and as another web tool along with web search. It's probably inappropriate for anything more than that right now.

  • AI it is great tool