Google or Siri?

Which do you prefer, Google or Siri?  What makes you pick/use that over the other?

  • to me its the something but I guess Siri since I have an iPhone

  • It's more like a choice of which ecosystem you're in, Apple or non-Apple. Most Apple users just use everything in Apple ecosystem except Gmail and Google maps

  • google, because their ecosystem is more complete in terms of daily office work

  • I like interacting with Siri more. I have both going on right now.

  • even with Apple you can download google apps too. That's what I've done.

    I prefer google, it just seems to work nicer for me. Everything I need is right there. LOl

  • I would have to choose Google, because I am immersed in an Android ecosystem. 

  • I use Siri because of convenience since I have my IPhone on hand most of the time .

  • I prefer Google because I'm most familiar with it.