AI in the classrooms.

    How many of you are using AI to help study and complete work assignments?  Do you think AI has a place in helping you with your education?  

    If you use AI, how do you use it?



  • I am not using it yet but am very curious about how I have it help me increase efficiency. 

  • I have not used it yet but as I learn more about it I think it will help with life in general beyond the classroom.

  • I have a little bias I feel too much tech steals creativity . I have no problem asking ai facts but things beyond that no. use it to help your thoughts and not think for you

  • I have spent some time on one of the AI chat programs. I can certainly see many possible benefits, but I also see many potential downsides. One of the biggest cons for me is that I'm afraid it is going to cause people, especially students, to rely on such tools even more, and that they won't even be able to reason and work on their own. 

  • I use in my classroom. It helps the students with public speaking class.