What did you think about the South Park episode about using ChatGPT?

What did you think about the "Deep Learning" episode of South Park centered around using artificial intelligence and ChatGPT?

Do you think using ChatGPT is cheating and should be banned in schools or is it just another tool that can be used responsibly to help with one's own work?

The episode itself was also partially written by ChatGPT as well.

  • You are going to have to be able to work with AI just like you had to learn to work with a computer.

  • well sums of wha tech had helped me do for years become less creative 

  • I think this is just the beginning of CHATGPT being used as a part of the creative process in entertainment. I don’t think it’s cheating at all because you still have to be able to edit and use Prompt Engineering to be able to create original and coherent content. So a person still has to use their own brain to collaborate with CHatGPT to avoid plagiarism and copyright infringement.

  • It's just a tool and the consequences depend on the user, South Park is on point as usual