Sharing computers

What is your best strategy for having students share a computer in class? I'm trying to have students collaborate, but everyone wants control of the computer.

  • I would try to make some sort of schedule. Maybe a reward program if it is not necessary for them to be on it.

    1. I've found that breaking down big goals into smaller, more manageable steps can be helpful in staying on track.
  • Utilize collaboration tools, such as Google Docs or Microsoft Teams, that allow multiple students to work on the same document simultaneously. This way, students can work together and contribute to the project in real-time.

  • Have one of them working with the computer and the other one taking notes. If that doesn't work, then you can say you will have a test about it without the computer and they will be allowed to use the notes. That way, both of them shall remain engaged.

  • Sort of depends on the activity. When it's low-interactive things like having the computer-person take notes of everyone else's ideas, having control of the computer is actually a bit more stressful. If it's a highly interactive activity like a game, then of course everyone is going to want control so that they get the dopamine hit of "clicking X and resulting in Y"

  • time increments  or day increments 

  • Schedule them to take turn, gotta be fair

  • Use Google docs to share documents and have a timer.