What's one underrated app/product that you've discovered recently?

We're always looking for what's new in Tech and Apps.

What's something you've discovered recently that more students, teachers, or parents should know about?

I'll start! Recently I've discovered two game changers:

  • Evernote app (note-taking and to-do's)
  • Open-back studio headphones

Both of these help me get into the zone when I'm studying, working, or taking notes.

What's your pick?





  • Wikipedia is truly a gift, even if it's "not academically viable reference material" Smiley

  • I think someone on here put Wolfram Alpha; in a similar vein, my daughter used CyMath to help in Algebra II back in 9th/10th. It's like WAlpha or some other websites in that it gives a solution and has many uses but CyMath shows steps for free and it's massively helpful. 

  • Evernote is great! I use it all the time and have had a paid account for years. A free alternative if students can’t afford it is Microsoft OneNote. Staying organized is important and these apps help with keeping all your notes in the right category. 

  • I discovered Power Bi, I really think people should try and learn this to make reports. It is a very useful tool that even big businesses use.

  • I second Power Bi, crazy how great it is

  • So I'm personally a fan of OneNote for my notetaking, and why I consider this underrated is that OneDrive now makes it all cloud based (and free!). I work on different workstations throughout the day... small laptop in class, big desktop at work, and Legion gaming laptop at night... cloud based notes help keep everything straight!

  • Finally used MS Edge for the first time! Realized it can "read aloud" a pdf and it works pretty good with the 'natural' voice options - but you have to be online or else it defaults to the built-in robotic sounding voices.

  • The camera app is very underrated.

    I often see students taking nodes of what is on the board, when you can wait for the professor to finish writing and just snap a pic.

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