Gaming Computer vs Regular Non Gaming Computer

Would you use a gaming computer if you don't play games?

  • YOu can surely use it for any other PC use.   But I would not buy a gaming specific computer if I did not intend to either ; 1) play graphic intensive games, or 2) use programs that require more graphics RAM, like CAD Programs for desing. (Computer Aided Design (CAD).   Without a specific high graphics need, you'd be spending more money, and have a slightly heavier PC with reduced battery life for running the added graphics card.

  • sure Gaming PC is more powerful

  • Yes, I would use a gaming computer. As another poster said, though, I probably wouldn't buy one if I didn't need the performance, but I would not necessarily exclude it from consideration either.

  • Of course! It has the best specs and best performance! 

  • I would if I was doing something else that was computer graphics or image processing intensive like video editing or 3D graphics rendering. A more powerful GPU is also good for machine learning and cryptocurrency mining as well.

  • Yes, gaming computers typically have higher end hardware, which in many cases also means they have higher potential quality since if components are high spec for gaming performance they have to be able to handle higher computing needs. The downside would be, if all that I'm doing on that computer is browsing the web, reading email, and watching streaming then I'm probably paying more for electricity for the gaming computer that I would be for a non-gaming system due to those same higher end components.

  • If that's what I had, then yes, of course. If you're buying new or used, and you don't need gaming capability, then look for a computer without a dedicated graphics card - it will be much less expensive.

  • It sure is usable but it's not a great distribution of resources


    I use a gaming laptop all the time.  And I've yet to play a single game on it.

    Gaming computers are the next-best thing to (far more expensive) high-end workstations.  I get almost all of the compute benefit of a workstation, but with the price-tag of a gaming computer.

    Legion 5i Pro Gen 8 is an incredible compute platform.  And it's portable.  But, it doesn't embarrass me with RGB.  I have a "professional profile" programmed into the 3 hotkey-switchable profiles: solid green and orange.