What are the things you pay a monthly subscription for?

I'm paying for google one (storage, etc.) and spotify. Cut my netflix subscription because it seemed  like a waste of time. I have amazon prime but considering cutting that too...

  • Microsoft 365 (aka Microsoft Office) gets you the full versions of the Microsoft Office apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) + 1 TB of storage. With discounts you can often get as a student or through work, it is a great value compared to Google One.

  • Kanopy is a great alternative to a paid streaming service. You can connect both your public library and university library accounts to gain additional free streams per month.

  • Kanopy is excellent and free and your library has nice free stuff.

  • Carwash, online video game, utilities (electric and water), mortgage....

  • I have Microsoft Office for their added storage on One Drive. And I also had to buy Apple and Google storage... but these were against my will.

    I also have an Amazon Prime for their movies and games. 

    At some point I had Xbox Game Pass, but I don't have time anymore and it has become too expensive.