What is the best operating system for studying?

I know many people who are addictive to MacBooks for studying work, I know they’re very beautiful but I prefer windows. The other alternative is chrome os but I’ve never tried it. Maybe it would be better without distractions? Your thoughts…

  • Windows, because I dont like forced to use an ecosystem

  • I prefer Windows. I feel there is a bit more flexibility, plus I'm just used to it.

  • Given that I mostly just need something for notes (at least when I was in college), windows is fine, or a Chromebook. Macs are way too expensive.

  • For *studying*? Linux, obviously. Not to go all R. Stallman on the thread but I feel like that's not really even a controversy. 

  • I definitely prefer Windows over macOS or ChromeOS. Maybe I'll take a deeper look into Linux some day though.

  • I prefer windows!  

  • I agree as well!

  • Windows, because most of my school softwares don't support mac.

  • Windows for me personally. I don't feel comfortable on a MacBook

  • Windows because it supports the most academic softwares and file types. It's just less hassle to study with it.