What makes a great study space?

Give us your definition of a great study space, including all the details!

  • A great study space has no distractions, good lighting, and a good wifi connection. There's no outside sound or noise from neighbors, but possibly some instrumental music to help you focus on studying. It has a desk with pens, highlighters, etc, and a comfortable chair. There are some healthy snacks so you don't have to leave the study zone. ;)

  • I quiet and calm area free from all destraction is my study space.

  • Someplace that minimizes distractions is all I need

  • Place free of distractions, sound proof, and with an internet connection. A good example would be like a private room at the library, great place to concentrate on your tasks.

  • A nice, quiet space that's free of distractions. It's the small distractions really that are the worst, like infrequent but reoccurring noises (think like a truck reversing every 5-10 minutes..). So a study space that's removed from those things, but has a comfortable space is very important.