Cayte Bosler is an environmental researcher. Watch her presentation about conservation efforts in the Adirondack State Park in New York.

About Cayte:

Cayte Bosler is an environmental researcher with a scientific background and a passion for sustainability solutions. Her extensive fieldwork and investigative journalism span the intersections of biodiversity and wildlife, policy, public health, and the economy, allowing her to approach environmental issues from a well-rounded perspective.


  • great work!

  • Very cool. Pretty area of the country, interesting to learn more about it.

  • This area looks amazing!

  • I want to visit the Adirondacks and the Poconos. It's so pretty there and still wild in most places. Would like to rent a tiny home and do some hiking and a tour. Thanks for preserving this natural place for future generations. 

  • My husband and I have plans to visit the Adirondack State Park. He grew up hiking the Adirondacks and wants to share his experience. Glad to see the conservation efforts to preserve this great park.

  • Open green soace and  nature have to be prioritized  in New York to preserve the quality of life. Bear Mountain is also great,

  • Amazing story!

  • Great to learn about the Adirondack State Park conservation efforts! Amazing presentation by Cayte, and stories about upstate New York!

  • There more to nature, than just its beauty.

  • Such a beautiful area! Glad to hear there are conservation projects going on there.