Scrub habitat is a landscape with an open sandy area scattered with tall pines, short oak and palmetto trees, and small herbaceous plants. Increasing human development means that these delicate ecosystems and the wildlife that call them home are at risk.

Tori Strange is a wildlife biologist with experience conducting surveys for birds, mammals, herpetofauna, and fish throughout the United States.

Watch her presentation from the 2022 Global Biodiversity Festival where she takes viewers on a field excursion to experience imperiled scrub habitat, Florida's oldest community type that is heavily pressured by increasing development throughout its extent.

About Tori:

Her graduate research examined herpetofaunal assemblages in forest fragments adjacent to sustainable and conventional agriculture in the north-central highlands of Nicaragua. She currently manages four preserves for Palm Beach County in Florida. Her responsibilities include monitoring for listed plants and animals, overseeing management activities and invasive species removal, restoration, and public outreach.


  • Interesting, thanks for the video

  • Interesting, thanks for the video

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