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Ruggero Rollini is a Science Communicator and Lenovo Innovator. He wrote the following article. Meet the rest of the 2022-23 Lenovo Innovators here.


Reflecting on my teenage years, I now realize where my passion started, something I didn’t realize until my adult life. It was during my high school years when I fell in love with video games, so much so, that I started talking about them on YouTube. However, shortly after discovering my new hobby, I started University.

At school, I focused my studies on chemistry, which didn’t leave much time to play video games and record my videos. I quickly fell in love with chemistry and I found a burning passion to learn as much as I could and share my knowledge with others.

Growing up, I loved every type of science, and studying chemistry allowed me to jump between physics and biology. That said, my passion for making videos lived on and was something I knew I wanted to find a way to continue. I was determined to mix the two things I love and find a way to satisfy my hunger.

So, I began creating YouTube videos focused on science – teaching my viewers the ins and outs of chemistry. The first videos were incredibly trivial, as I simplified what I was learning in class. But slowly my passion for science communication increased and so did my following.


Creating Content and Raising Awareness

Fast forward to today, and I mainly focus on everyday chemistry. I try to explain how intriguing chemistry is and how it is everywhere and surrounds us.

I encourage my viewers to know and understand chemistry, in hopes to allow them to live a better life.

I also frequently discuss environmental chemistry. It is an extremely relevant topic and often generates confusion and misunderstanding. Too often we talk about pollution as an indefinite mixture of chemicals but never provide digestible meanings to it all. My goal is to clearly inform and educate people about this topic. If we really want to handle the environmental crisis, people should be aware of the complexity of the situation.

Outside of my work on social media, I participate in live events, podcasts, write articles, collaborate with television programs, teach seminars for schools and I even wrote a book. Holding public speeches and seeing live reactions from the audience allows me to immediately understand if and how my message is received. Writing allows me to dive deep into topics that could not properly be explained in person or through video.

Currently, I enjoy creating podcasts. I recently collaborated with other experts to create an audio-documentary about an issue that occurred in the pharmaceutical industry – a molecule that caused the birth of more than 10,000 children with malformations during the 1950s – 1960s. I’ve learned that audio is a powerful tool because it is the audience that must build the story and the images in their head.


Teaching, Traveling and Learning with Tech

I rely on my technology for a multitude of things – from creating videos, writing articles, recording podcasts, or researching the newest development in the science community. I also travel a lot for work and usually need to create my content in small amount of time. It is important for me to have technology I trust and can count on no matter where I am or what I need to do. Lenovo’s innovative technology allows me to do just that – I was able to write this article on the train, with a video rendering in the background.

In the beginning, I used technology to create content solely for fun, now I do it with the hope of having a positive impact on society. We live in a world where knowledge is crucial, and I believe that science communication is vital to preserving our modern democracies.

If you’re interested in my work and want to keep up with my #LenovoInnovator journey, follow along on Instagram @RuggeroRollini.


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