Protecting our environment demands that we humans muster our best. In science. In policy. In communication—and in art.

Creative conservationist Asher Jay centers her passion in art and communication. Her paintings, sculptures, installations, animations, ad campaigns, and films all have a single purpose: to incite global action on behalf of wildlife conservation.

“Art has a unique power to transcend differences and connect with people on a visceral level – and compel action,” she affirms.

And images have a particular power that can transcend difference. “Pictures can instantly change your mood and leave impressions much faster and much more accurately than words can … They can be understood intuitively.”

“From children’s books to the concept of mind maps and the use of infographics, it is evident that visualizing ideas, especially in brainstorming sessions, can help us overcome obstacles that are difficult to convey in paragraph form. … The simplest of infographics can quickly turn into 2,000 words or more when you simply try to explain the messages that the infographic is trying to convey.”

This is how art can be a force for social change. Asher shares quite a bit of her work in her video below. Check it out—her own work demonstrates the power of the image, and how an experience can take you further than an explanation. 


About Asher Jay

Whether it is communications, organisms, planet, people or business the design premise remains the same. Asher will talk about the underlying narrative that has now persuaded her to take on a Tech start up, and how biology, brands and business have the same building blocks.

Asher Jay is an international adventurer and public figure whose compelling paintings, sculptures, installations, animations, ad campaigns, and films all have a single purpose: to incite global action on behalf of wildlife conservation. Asher's travels to the frontline have made her witness and storyteller, combatting illegal wildlife trafficking, promoting habitat sanctuaries and illuminating humanitarian emergencies. Her core message, again and again: biodiversity loss during the Anthropocene – the Age of Man.


About Women Blaze Trails Festival:  

In celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (February 11), LenovoEDU sponsored Women Blaze Trails, a virtual 3-day festival celebrating women in science, exploration, and conservation from around the world.  

The virtual festival had one simple goal: celebrating incredible women, doing incredible things around the world, day in and day out. We’re sharing these videos from the festival so you can meet scientists, explorers, conservationists, filmmakers, photographers and more, showcasing their work, challenges, adventures, research and expeditions. 

  • Art can definitely help further a cause and inspire people to donate to wildlife conservaton efforts! There's so much we can learn from art and the emotions it manages to convey. 

  • I think for most of us, art and learning just mesh so well. Our early experiences learning so often revolved around picture books.

  • The art is beautiful & motivating.

  • The saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" is most evident in this instance. I always ask people to accompany a picture in their explanations if possible. Grateful for artists like Asher!

  • art is a good way of communicating