Can a love for gaming really transition into a career?

Hear from Lenovo Global eSports Solutions Manager Jeff Palumbo about the types of jobs that are popping up in the games industry, and opportunities at universities worldwide.


  • There is definitely a lot of money in the industry.  If they are pro players or even just a fun and engaging streamer.

  • Interesting info, everything takes hard work and dedication

  • I think this title is a little misleading. What I feel like this is saying is that gaming might help kids, but really doesn't address "gamer" as a career choice. In terms of careers the content of this video feels gaming adjacent. My personal thoughts are that professional gaming is hard and really depends on the company and fan base which are the people who will usually be funding the prize pool. It is hard to be the best at a game and imagine if that game doesn't even have a competitive scene or dies out. Reflexes dull over time and how soon is it going to be until the next 16-year-old prodigy is going to replace you? Careers in competitive sports don't last long. Just look at athletes, they really don't make that much money unless they are sponsored. The US pays around 40,000 per gold medal. That sounds like a lot until you factor in the thousands of hours training, equipment and you have the pay the coach, rent, food, and not to mention you actually have WIN! The more lucrative/consistent option is streaming or content creation on video platforms and if you are lacking on personality or skill it is going to be much harder to establish an audience especially if the platform has low discoverability. 

  • Gaming can turn into a professional career; however, there the field is so tough because the gamer has to find ways to be innovative/different from everyone else that's doing the same exact thing. The gamer has to be able to market themselves differently from what others are doing. Also, having a supportive fanbase is important when it comes to gaming also. 

  • Risk sometimes pays rewards, not always. Not sure how long one would last before new talent would take your job.

  • After reading this article I'm going to show it to my nephews and see if it help's them with something they do anyway, they might as well make money while gaming...

  • Still such a long shot and long term prospects are iffy.

  • There is a possibility that gaming can transition into a career. It was interesting to hear someone else's opinion on the subject. Takes talent.

  • My grandson and his friends (middle schoolers) have been taking coding classes. Of course, all claim that they are going to create the next phenom game and get rich quick. But I think the coding classes will enrich their lives by some of the ways Mr. Palumbo says in the video. They will hone problem-solving skills, improve computational thinking, teach creativity, and improves confidence and communication skills.

  • I'm glad someone is putting forth honest info on this