Vishakha Fulsunge is India’s first female MotoVlogger holding five India Book of Records. She’s also a gamer, digital creator, diversity advocate, and 2021-22 Lenovo Innovator.

My Mission
To motivate and set an example for women in India who are working in or are involved in male-dominated industries.

How Technology Plays a Role
Before COVID-19, I would ride for a month, return home for 15 days and then hit the road again – this was my routine for several years. But due to the pandemic, I haven’t been able to travel nearly as much so I began exploring some of my other passions, one of them being gaming. Recently, I’ve started my second YouTube channel called GamerGirl where I plan on sharing my love for gaming, streaming live and providing techniques and best practices.

With Lenovo’s support and gaming products, I have everything I need to successfully launch, maintain, and grow my new gaming channel with the ability to stream for hours on end. I am hopeful that with this new technology I will have a greater reach and make a positive impact on other girls and women within the gaming community.

Be a Part of the Journey
Follow me on Instagram (@ridergirlvishakha) and subscribe to my channel on YouTube to be part of my #LenovoInnovators journey and support my mission.

2021-22 Lenovo Innovators Program
The annual Lenovo Innovators Program stems from our vision of Smarter Tech For All (STFA), which is the idea that smarter technology can help solve problems, create opportunities and enhance the way we all live, learn and work.

Being an “Innovator” goes beyond designing and using new devices. Real innovation happens when people see a problem and are passionately committed to solving it. All of our Innovators embody that spirit – to make the world a more interesting place, to tackle society’s biggest challenges, and are individuals who can benefit from using Lenovo’s technology.

Throughout the year, our Lenovo Innovators will be telling their stories through a series of videos and articles on StoryHub. You can also follow along on their personal social handles including Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and more using #LenovoInnovators.

Follow along on their journeys to see how they use Lenovo’s technology to further their passions and support their missions.