Clare and Gabby are talking with Dr. Elise Laugier, an archeologist and remote sensing specialist. Find out how she uses drones, satellite imaging, and other amazing technology to discover and preserve history.

About Elise:

Elise Laugier is an environmental archaeologist interested in the role of agriculture in the emergence and maintenance of cities, states, and empires, particularly in Southwest Asia. Her research investigates the complex interplay between past agricultural economies and local environments, focusing on the legacy effects (ecological inheritances) of human landscape modification and the development of new approaches to quantify past land use. Her work integrates a variety of approaches ranging from satellite remote sensing to the analysis of microbotanical remains.

About the No Boundaries Book Club:

Dr. Clare Fieseler and Gabby Salazar are National Geographic Explores and authors of No Boundaries. No Boundaries features 25 women explorers and scientists who protect animals, tell stories, preserve history, and achieve incredible athletic feats.

Join them on this 8-part adventure to hear stories and advice from National Geographic Explorers around the world.

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  • studies with drones is very cool!

  • Cool use of technology, interesting subject for using drones.

  • It's really amazing how sattelite photos, and aerial images have allowed us to see huge cities of the past; that were otherwise unknown.  

  • There are drove for Every vocation, I wonder if we have for astronaut or when we will have some, how they going to look like.

  • Great use of Drone tech

  • We need ways to use wireless on water for remote drones that can be use for investigation and studding the sea.

  • You know what be nice Space Drones.

  • Dr. Elise Laugier's work is vey impressive.  Never would have thought about using drone's in exploring the way she is doing.  Congratulations to her.

  • Drones are cheap enough and easy enough to use for myriad applications that they have totally changed the game as to what is possible for almost anyone to accomplish. A revolutionary development.

  • Is hard to find the right drone with so many options today.