Clare and Gabby are talking with Wasfia Nazreen, a mountaineer and activist who inspired her home country of Bangladesh by climbing the 7 summits, the tallest peak on each continent.

About Wasfia:

Wasfia Nazreen is the first Bengali in the world and only Bangladeshi to climb K2 and the Seven Summits or, the highest mountains of every continent. Her passion has always been propelled by causes close to her heart and grounded in a strong foundation of meditation and self-realization practices. She is the only female to hold the simultaneous titles of National Geographic Explorer & Adventurer.

An outspoken activist since her late teens, Wasfia has won numerous national and global awards for her activism and commitment to empowering women through the field of adventure. She was named by Men's Journal as one of the 25 most adventurous women of the past 25 years and by Outside magazine as one of 40 women in the last 40 years who have advanced and challenged the outdoor world through their leadership, innovation, and athletic feats.

She is the founder of Osel Foundation, which empowers marginalized girls from Bangladesh through the outdoors.

About the No Boundaries Book Club:

Dr. Clare Fieseler and Gabby Salazar are National Geographic Explores and authors of No Boundaries. No Boundaries features 25 women explorers and scientists who protect animals, tell stories, preserve history, and achieve incredible athletic feats.

Join them on this 8-part adventure to hear stories and advice from National Geographic Explorers around the world.

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  • Hopefully your mountainering feats can incourage and empower the youth in Bangladesh to climb the ladder of education and bring a better standard of living to this country that will be devistated as sea levels rise.

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