On this episode of the No Boundaries Book Club, Clare and Gabby are talking with Juliana Machado Ferreira, a conservation biologist working to combat wildlife trafficking in her home country of Brazil.

About Juliana:

Juliana Machado Ferreira is a conservation biologist who fights illegal wildlife trafficking in Brazil using science, political articulation, professional training, and educational outreach to curb demand, strengthen laws, empower police, and build international partnerships. She is the founder and Executive Director of Freeland Brasil, the South American branch of the Freeland Foundation (an internationally respected counter wildlife and human trafficking organization). She is a Biologist with MSc and PhD in Genetics, both from the University of Sao Paulo.

About the No Boundaries Book Club:

Dr. Clare Fieseler and Gabby Salazar are National Geographic Explores and authors of No Boundaries. No Boundaries features 25 women explorers and scientists who protect animals, tell stories, preserve history, and achieve incredible athletic feats.

Join them on this 8-part adventure to hear stories and advice from National Geographic Explorers around the world.

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  • Trafficking is absolutely abhorrent. Glad to see people fighting so hard to stop it. Wish there was more the averewage person could do to help it end 

  • Agreed.  Crazy world we live in

  • It's a really important work she and others are doing. It is a shame the existence of wildlife trafficking practices.

  • This is a great cause. I am grateful for the action she is taking!

  • It's really great that she is fighting wildlife trafficking.