Marine biologist, diver and expedition sailor, Andreas B Heide uses his boat S.V. BARBA as a platform and tool for ocean conservation. He's best known for sharing his extraordinary encounters while diving with whales in Arctic waters and has received global attention for his work using whales as ocean ambassadors. In the summer of 2022, he led a collaborative four-month scientific and communications expedition, Arctic Sense, over 3,000 nautical miles between Norway and the UK via the polar Atlantic researching, documenting and sharing untold stories about the impacts of climate change and pollution on marine life in the region.

Watch his presentation about sailing with whales in the Arctic!

  • I do hope those encounter with the killer whales have stop, humans tent to be vengeful.

  • Whales are completely amazing. It'd be a transformative experience to actually witness one in the wild. Biodiversity must be protected.

  •   I agree with other's here and would never get it the water with these monster's I would be scared to death. Your work is AWESOME, so needed and important, GREAT work, GREAT work to all involved...

  • When are we going to be us with nature, the earth wants it, is natural, and yes I know the universe runs on chaos, but even chaos has a math.

  • I wonder how many whales of all different types would be in the oceans if humans had/have not been killing them on a commerial scale.  It must have been cool to see them all!